First times

WOW it’s been a while. I can’t even remember the last time I used this space to talk to you, but I’m sure it was during the US Open – the last tennis match I remember watching from beginning to end is Sam-Serena.

Quite a while. Lots happened since. Asian swing, started on a new job, and NFL. These three factors, plus the lack of Robin Söderling and convincing Andy Roddick runs kept me away from the sport that, from the first day of the Aussie Open and the second-to last of the US Open, is my favorite. I am not ashamed in assuming NFL is my all-time favorite sport. In fact, I’m warning you: I might use Daily Scores to post football-related articles. Be aware.

Just a clarification: This post is not meant to start a comeback. Hell, no. I don’t have much time. And there is not much tennis left out there this year. I am writing this just because this is a special occasion.

Tomorrow, for the first time ever, I will attend a tennis match.

I have already traveled the world… in front of my TV. But had never had the opportunity to watch two professional players battling for actual money and actual ranking points from the stands of a gymnasium before.

There aren’t many tennis events in Brasil, you know. Okay, we’ve got a Future in every week of the year, and there are quite a lot of challengers, and the Brasil Open. But hey: Only one or two of the challengers are in São Paulo – which happens to be the city I live in. And until this year, the Open was in Bahia. I recommend you to check on a Brasilian map. It’s not close. Not cheap either.

But good news: Koch Tavares and the ATP decided to adapt O2’s World Tour Finals, but with a much lower profile, left a wildcard available and brought it to my ‘hood, you know.

So well. I will try to get you as many pictures as I can – most of them taken from my cellphone. I will also try to write about the matches I watch – still don’t know if tomorrow’s OOP has been already unveiled. But I’m probably going to watch the last two matches of the day – likely to be both from the Green Group (Bellucci-Klizan, Beck-Reynolds).

I’m not sure what to expect. Have no idea how does it feel to watch a tennis match from somewhere else than the TV, or to sit down for hours (ok, more than one, less than two, probably). But I do expect it to be awesome – my first time on a tennis stadium, after all. Will keep you updated. For the old times.

See ya tomorrow, then. And Saturday and Sunday too, of course.


About Pete S. Liguori
Pete was born in São Paulo, Brasil. Loves sports - pigskin fanatic, tennis lover. One of his most famous quotes is "I'm no Tolstoi, but I love the Dallas Cowboys" His favorite quote of all time is "I'll keep playing", unknown author.

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