Happy Birthday, Andy!

Today is a veeeeeeeery special day. On this day, in a town east of Omaha (Bob Seger, anyone?) Andrew Stephen Roddick was born. Twenty-nine years later, here we are.

The number represents his level of awesomeness - in a 1-100 scale.

For the top-ranked American for many many years, and the last Yank to top the rankings, no words make a fair tribute. So I decided – alongside my friend and biggest fan of A-Rod I know, @cacwhere – to put together 29 Andy Roddick facts for you – and, even more important, for him.

There we go. Be ready to take a fucking bow to the man who was the GOAT before the term came into popular use and still is, up to date.


1- Grand Slam title, the ’03 US Open

2- Miami titles (2004/2010). He’s also won the Cincinnati shield twice (2003/2006)

3- Times a Wimbledon finalist, in 2004, 2005 and 2009

4- Continents on which Andy Roddick has won a title: America, Europe, Asia and Oceania

5- Masters Series titles.

6- Titles in 2003 – his most prolific year: St. Poelten, Queen’s, Indianapolis, Montreal, Cincinnati and the US Open

7- Ranking of Carlos Moyá, Andy Roddick’s very first opponent as the leader of the ranking, at the ’03 Masters Cup; Roddick won, 6/2, 3/6, 6/3

8- Finals reached in 2003 and 2004 – best marks of his career; Roddick went 6-2 in 2003 and 4-4 in 2004.

9- Consecutive years with a top-10 year-end ranking. Only Roger Federer, among actives, has a similar record

10- Titles outside the United States: Queen’s (4x), Brisbane, Lyon, Dubai, St. Poelten, Montreal and Beijing

11- Consecutive years winning at least one singles title: He’s one of two active players to do so; this is the 5th longest streak of all-time

12- Decisive Davis Cup wins – the clinchers; Also his US Open participations completed in 2011.

13- Weeks as #1 – from 13.11.2003 to 01.02.2004, ranking him as the 15th all-time.

14- Year-ending ranking in 2001 – his first full year as a pro; He had finished 2000 at #158

15(5) – Miles per hours, his fastest serve – an ace struck at a Davis Cup tie v. Vladimir Voltchkov, from Belarus. For years to come, this was the fastest service ever recorded

16- Age on 17.05.1999 – date of his first professional match, at the Vero Beach F4; He lost to then-512 Nicolas Todero from Argentina, losing 3/6, 3/6.

17- Years when turned pro, in 2000

18- Years old – his age when beating a top-10 for the first time: #4 Pete Sampras at the 2001 Miami Masters; Roddick was also 18 when won a title for the first time, at ’01 Atlanta.

19- Matches won between Montreal and the US Open, in 2003 – his longest winning streak.

20- Titles won in the United States: Memphis, San Jose, Houston, Washington (3x), Miami, Cincinnati, Indianapolis (2x), Atlanta and the US Open

21 – Wins shy of his 600th career triumph, ranking him second among active players.

22- Player to ever top the ATP rankings since the introduction, in 1973.

23- Tournaments played in 2003 – still his record for most events played in a single season.

24- ATP 250/500 titles.

25- Ties played for the United States Davis Cup team – with 18 wins.

26- His age in April/2009 – when married actress and model Brooklyn Decker

27- Matches at Challenger level – with an outstanding 23-4 record, three titles and one final.

28- Years-old – Andy’s age when he won Memphis earlier this year – his 30th career title.

29- candles blown by the birthday boy today. Happy birthday, Andy! And please, never ever change.


"What? Me? Nah, I'm just relaxing."


About Pete S. Liguori
Pete was born in São Paulo, Brasil. Loves sports - pigskin fanatic, tennis lover. One of his most famous quotes is "I'm no Tolstoi, but I love the Dallas Cowboys" His favorite quote of all time is "I'll keep playing", unknown author.

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