30 Days of Tennis Challenge – Day 28: The Grand Slam you would most like to go to

Only two days left. In the end, I’m gonna miss the Challenge after it’s gone. Or, at least, the visits it brings to my blog. Of course, you will stay with me, right? Daily Scores (The blog) won’t end after the Challenge. I just hope it helped me captivating more readers. I shall stop digressing now.

The difference between this topic and “Your favorite Grand Slam tournament” is probably the same than between “A match that makes you happy” and “A match you will never forget” or something.

That’s why, even though Wimbledon is my favorite Major to watch through a TV, sitting on my couch and eating Doritos (and drinking Pepsi, though it’s played in the morning, local time, which makes a pretty awkward breakfast), the Grand Slam I would most like to go to is…


The US Open. Of course. Because tennis is life. And life is tennis and more.

I’m thinking beyond tennis here. There is no other place in the world I would like to visit more than the United States of America. Therefore, Flushing Meadows would make the perfect opportunity for it. And since the complex is in the Queen’s, I could take some time off tennis and go visit my baseball team, the beloved New York Mets, and watch as they slump, giving six or seven runs in the late innings to lose the ballgame. I would also love to watch them getting mercilessly crunched by the Phils.

(Even though they suck, I still love them)

That and many more. And that’s why. The US Open is my pick. And this post ends.



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About Pete S. Liguori
Pete was born in São Paulo, Brasil. Loves sports - pigskin fanatic, tennis lover. One of his most famous quotes is "I'm no Tolstoi, but I love the Dallas Cowboys" His favorite quote of all time is "I'll keep playing", unknown author.

3 Responses to 30 Days of Tennis Challenge – Day 28: The Grand Slam you would most like to go to

  1. Lays Guerrero says:

    Us Open too…

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