30 Days of Tennis Challenge – Day 19: Which men’s and women’s player was world no. 1 on the day you were born

Awful Sunday to finish a great weekend. How fucking awesome. Let’s do it quick, then.

I was born on June, 24th , 1992.


def. Korda in the final

On the men’s side, Jim Courier was on his second term as number one, on which he spent 22 weeks, ranking from 13.04 to 13.09 – five months, hence.

Back in the day, Courier had won the Australian Open, and lost the finals in San Francisco and Brussels, before ascending to #1 for the first time. On the week I was born, Jimmy was in Wimbledon, with a mediocre outcome: third round loss to #193 Olhovskiy in the third round, after beating #59 Zoecke and #109 Black in the first two matches.

Courier finished 1992 as #1 in the world – his only YTD finish as the leader of the board.


THE 1990s: When 10-yo girls could win Grand Slams.

On the ladies’ side, it was Monica Seles’ time to shine. She was alternating time at #1 with Graf since May, 1991, but by June, ’92, Monica was on her third – and longest – term, which started by 09.09.1991 and would last until June, 6th, 1993.

Seles’ 1992 season started with 19 consecutive wins – ranging from the Australian Open to Miami, and crowned with only one set lost, seven bagels and three tournaments won – only stopped by Jennifer Capriati. Seles then won 12 more, claiming Houston and Barcelona titles before losing to Sabatini in Rome final.

In the day I was born, she was probably winning at Wimbledon – she made it all the way to the finals there, before losing to Graf. Summing it up, Monica Seles finished the 1992 season with a 70-5 record, 3-1 record in Grand Slam finals, only one final missed, in Miami, and 10 titles.



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  1. How to know it? I was born on December 30th 1984.

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