Oh hello there, Beautiful

W00t, w00t! Wait no longer, the grass season is here!

(In fact, it is here since, uuh… Sunday. But I had no free time to write this post before. Whatever)

Okay, okay. It will be gone before you can correctly spell “s’Hertogenbosch” and win the national Spelling Bee, but I quote the old saying again: “All the good things go fast”. Or something like. I’m not very good in translating Gaellic idioms into English, sorry.

W/e, w/e, goodbye and good riddance to the slow surfaces, be welcome, our dear and beloved Lawn! Plain and simple, the schedule: This week, ATP events in London and Halle. Next week, in the Nederlands (Den Bosch) and in Britain again (Eastbourne), we get two combined events. The ladies will step on the ‘césped’ and battle for the AEGON Classic title in Birmingham this week (city of my glorious Aston Villa!). Then, the third Grand Slam of the year, the most traditional of them all. And, closing it, the Hallf of Fame Championships in Newport.

I’m not going to lie to you, though. This grass season is far from being Epic (unless for Haas’ comeback).

In the Gentlemen’s (Get into Wimbledon mood, shall we?) side, no big surprises. Only the usual suspects, but with some extra condiment: There’s the Djoko-Threat and the Fed-Menace. The former will arrive at the All-England Club, in theory his worst surface, poised (again) to take over the #1. But for the first time in 2011 Nole enters a tournament following a loss – and ‘we don’t know he will behave’ (to keep the suspense, let’s pretend his mighty mental strength could go down).

And the latter… well, I’m not going through his record at Wimbledon, because that involves talking about the Three-Finals-We-Don’t-Talk-About (the Lord Waldemar of Tennis). But he is straight out of a Major final (oh) and willing to shut up a little more the mouth of everyone who predicted he would never win a Major again (me included [?]). In other words, it’s Rafa against the world – Nadal doesn’t lose a match on the Holy Lawn since ’07 final. Yeah, yeah, he skipped 2009, but that’s quite a while anyway.

Yeah, yeah, the supporting cast? Brit Andy & Texan Andy chasing the dream, Birdych with the finals to defend, King Söd with a decent run to back, Milos and the big serve… but then, they are still the supporting cast – unless you proof me wrong.

Entertaining? Yes. Somehow. Surprising? Don’t think so. It’s a same cast, different plot situation.

Game on.


I would really like to talk about the ladies, but this is already getting a little longer than expected – I really can’t control myself. And I know that the chances you are reading a longer post = -2, so, I’ll leave it to another opportunity, finishing with a single double-line:

Serena and Venus are back! That must assure all the fun.

// Or the total and complete absence of it.


PS: New personal goal: Jump on a grass court and do a grass angel – just like you, people who come from snowy countries, do on the iced water that falls from the sky.


About Pete S. Liguori
Pete was born in São Paulo, Brasil. Loves sports - pigskin fanatic, tennis lover. One of his most famous quotes is "I'm no Tolstoi, but I love the Dallas Cowboys" His favorite quote of all time is "I'll keep playing", unknown author.

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