Yo, look who’s back!

I shall start this one quoting the poet: “The more things change, the more things stay the same”. I  will also write a more detailed (and apocalyptical) piece about it, but not now, not today. This post will only praise the ones who deserve all the kudos.

Roland Garros. Paris, France, June, the third, 2011. For the first time in five years the top-4 seeds reach the semifinals of a Major (since RG/2006). Scheduled to be contested today, in the 12th day of the event, the first match to take place involved Rafael Nadal – who does not need to be introduced ET ALL – and Andy Murray – a debutant where his counterpart is already a veteran, the late stages of Roland Garros.

Nadal doing what he does best

The history of the game? Well. The important points. That’s all about it – and Nadal masters this art of being a stone cold killa, a loud but über-effective assassin. He made Andy Moo impersonate the number 150 or so, by his effectiveness in fending off break points and his capability of inflicting – and converting – them. Result? Straight sets win and a congratulations to the birthday boy – who now joins Bjorn Borg as the holder of the record of most French Open finals reached, with an astonishing number of 6 – just think Rafa and Borg combine for three losses and 11 titles at the second Grand Slam of the season (back then was the first of the year, but whatever).

But the main act… was the match that started right after. Djokovic vs. Federer. “Present” vs. “Past”. “Streak” vs. “Drought”. 43-in-a-row vs. the-last-one-to-beat-him. And boy, oh boy, the game lived up the hype. I recommend you to find a way to watch it in his entirety, if you missed it somehow, or re-watch, in case you eye-witnessed it live.

THAT "you can't beat me four-in-a-row" look. AND that "Imma gonna end ya streak" smile

My words are not enough to describe this match in all its greatness. So I’ll try to be quick, simple and objective: for me it is clear Federer’s favorite pastimes are Grand Slams. And shutting the critics’ big mouth. With style. Vintage style. Classy and perfect. Hats off to Roger. As for Djokovic, we can roam through our thoughts, wondering what if he played the quarterfinal against Fognini, or what if he held for the fourth set, forcing a fifth – that would be surely postponed until tomorrow. Of course we can, there are no fees for it. But won’t change a thing.

Won’t change the fact Nadal and Federer will battle for the French Open – just like in the ‘sainted days of yore’ (not that sainted, not that ‘of yore’ either). As for Nole, he does better finding a Swiss flag and getting himself a seat in Fed’s box – if Roger wins, he will take over the world #1 on Monday.

Also doesn’t change the fact the only thing left for Federer to accomplish in his career is a win over Nadal on the holy French clay. One of his best – I bet my ass off he’s feeling as pumped as ever – and maybe last – since he’s aging, let’s face it – chances to do so.

And albeit a Fedal wasn’t my dream final, I surrender. Fuck it. Just give me popcorn and some epicness.


About Pete S. Liguori
Pete was born in São Paulo, Brasil. Loves sports - pigskin fanatic, tennis lover. One of his most famous quotes is "I'm no Tolstoi, but I love the Dallas Cowboys" His favorite quote of all time is "I'll keep playing", unknown author.

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