Kirilenko in two vids

So, as you, tennis fans, probably already know, Kirilenko attempted a tweener – or the famous Gran-Willy, immortalized by both Willy and Rodger – today, in her match vs. fellow Adidas-sponsored Petkovic.

And she made it! /Shocked

I have seen some WTA players trying it recently, but I can’t recall any of them being successful (*cough* Ana?). In fact, the last tweener effectively hit by a girl that I can remember is the one Schiavone did at the US Open (will also post the video).

So, if you’re now asking “what’s the meaning???”, I answer: Does it have to be meaningful to be nice???

Think about it.

Oh yeah, before I forget, the vids:

Kiri’s tweener vs. Petko (she lost the match, btw)

BONUS – Schiavone’s tweener

OH YEAH, I NEARLY MISSED IT. The title says “Kirilenko in two vids”, correct? Correct, because I wrote it.

The second is from her match vs. Kuznetsova in Rome last year. It’s pretty famous too (I guess) (100% sure it is among tennis fans).

Kirilenko – the master of the tricky shots


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