It Ends Where It Starts. And Contrariwise

I’m pretty sure you all have already watched one of those B-Movies, on which a curse is released – most of times after an unlucky strike of fate – and only the dude who set the demon/monster/whatever free can reverse the curse and slay the evil?

So. Let’s say tennis – which is a form of art, I truly believe that – pulled a B-Movie. Of course, Julia Goerges (and I know only by mentioning her name I’ll attract many visits from YOU PERVS) is not evil. And Vika’s not a hero. And if it by any chance were a B-Movie, they would be wearing way less clothes, BUT WHATEVER, let’s stop here.

What matters is, today, in Madrid, Vika stopped what she started two weeks ago, in Stuttgart. SCENARIO: Azarenka was smoking hot. Totally tenistically talking. She had won two consecutive titles (Miami and Marbella) and was riding the best streak of her career (11 wins or something). Next for her was Julia Goerges, a skilled German player with sub-par (tssss I love this expression) results in 2011 (she had poor runs as top-seed of the weak Latin American tournaments). Goerges’ only triumph was the home crowd backing her.

Victoria focuses on her battle. The White Dress, her armor // Pic: Yahoo! Images

Vika had an untroubled first set, per WTA standards of course, and had it in the bag when… surprise! A twist-in-the-plot injury (I even wrote about it, by the way) forced Azarenka out of the match, giving Julia another life.

And she made a meal out of it, with a 6/4, 6/4 win over Sabine Lisicki in the quarterfinals, a three-set triumph over Roland Garros defending finalist Samantha Stosur and, the biggest of them all, denied Caro’s first red clay title.

Flash forward it three weeks. It’s Madrid, España. They both were drawn in the same half – so, a rematch in the semis was possible, but Goerges had to get past Wozniacki again.

Luckily for WTA, they took over exactly where they left. Goerges beat Kanepi and Safina to set another clash with Wozniacki in the third round, while Azarenka blitzed Dushevina (6/0, 6/0), Arvidsson (6/1, 6/1) and Parra Santonja (6/0, 6/3). In less than three hours of action, she was in the quarterfinals.

Back to the B-Movie plot. Picture Goerges as an Evil Amazon, the one released by a naïve Victoria in some stupid rite. Imagine Caro as Sunshine the… well, imagine Caro as herself. They met again. It was no.1’s duty to kill her, to throw ice in her veins and light her fire.

But what happens? Gorgeous wins again. She goes on. En fuego. Or, how the German say, In Flammen. She then beats Pavlyuchenkova (I cried.) for her second consecutive semifinal berth.

Elsewhere, our heroine drops a set for the first time in the tournament, but beats the cute but tenistically talking tasteless Lucie Safarova. She’s in the semifinal too. Will face the monster she helped creating.

It’s the matchup of the century. The world stops. The air is thick. Comments echo from around the world: “Serena WilliWHAT?” “Why the hell do you insist telling me Venus is something other than a planet?” “I don’t care about ATP anymore as long as we get weekly Goerges-Azarenka matchups”.

In the battlefield, it’s a blood-bath. Our warriors wield their swords and shake them cutting atoms of oxygen and…

I’ll cut the crap. Was only trying to entertain you. EPIC: Win or fail? You tell me. You tell me…

Vika wins the first set, 6/4. Just like in Stuttgart. Will she retire now? Will the second set be a reflection of what could have possible happened? Many questions. Only one answer.

6/2. The Evil Amazon from Germania falls down. Victoria triumphs. Comprehensive win for Vika, who was promoted to world no.4 thanks to it.

Goerges finishes her streak exactly where she started; Azarenka carries hers on from where she dropped it.

Statements. They are for real. This is not likely to be their last meeting. At a French Open without clear favorites, you better track them on the draw. Caro will have a tough competition when looking for her first Slam. The WTA shows signs of life – even without Serena and Venus. I don’t think most of people have a safe bet to put their money for Roland Garros title. This is very good.

With this win over Goerges, Azarenka will play tomorrow her 14th WTA final, the third on clay, second consecutive. Azarenka is looking for her 8th title, and will face Petra Kvitova, who will be a top-10 next week. Kvitova beat a resurgent Li Na in the semifinals.



This post is slightly long. Ok, whatever. I was trying to do something different. Hope you liked it 😉


Sincerely, Pete.


About Pete S. Liguori
Pete was born in São Paulo, Brasil. Loves sports - pigskin fanatic, tennis lover. One of his most famous quotes is "I'm no Tolstoi, but I love the Dallas Cowboys" His favorite quote of all time is "I'll keep playing", unknown author.

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