Speaks more than 1000 words

As the soon-to-be Major, Mikhail fondles Igor’s hair, I can totally see on his face that expression, that says: “Roughly two decades from now I will be the biggest bad-ass on the circuit”.

As for Andreev, I totally read on that childish smile of his:  “I will be a good player. But one day that little Maria girl will grow up and become a gorgeous woman, and she will be the one fondling my hair, and that’s okay and totally enough for me, because who needs to play high level tennis when you share the bed with a grown up MaKiri?”

Oh, those future tennis stars from the post-Soviet Russia of the 1990s…


About Pete S. Liguori
Pete was born in São Paulo, Brasil. Loves sports - pigskin fanatic, tennis lover. One of his most famous quotes is "I'm no Tolstoi, but I love the Dallas Cowboys" His favorite quote of all time is "I'll keep playing", unknown author.

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